Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access content I used previously?

Yes. There are two ways to access content used before. Previously used content can be accessed in “LEARN & EARN” using the filter under the main menu bar. Content used in a previous term can be accessed by selecting “ARCHIVE: Past Courses” at the bottom of the search filter on the “LEARN & EARN” tab.

Do I need to track my tendoberries?

No. The tool tracks every activity and records all tendoberries earned. Select your name on the top of the menu bar and select “TENDOBERRIES HISTORY” to view a full breakdown.

How do I earn my tendoberries?

Action buttons eg “WATCH THIS VIDEO 50” or “SHARE ON FACEBOOK 10” carries points against the activity displayed on the action button. By selecting action buttons and completing the activity tendoberries are earned.

How do I redeem my reward or prize?

A prize or reward becomes redeemable when a user has the required amount of tendoberries available. Select the “REWARDS” tab to view rewards and prizes available. When “REDEEM” appears under a reward or prize select “REDEEM” and complete the form by inputting your info. Once your info has been received, and you have vetted for the reward or prize will get in touch with either via your email or mobile phone number you provided at registration.

How do I use my daily free revision content in “LEARN & EARN”?

All content in “LEARN & EARN” is aligned to how lessons are presented in the classroom. Content activities carries a subject & topic description as well as the number of content activities per topic description. The number of content activities EG “ACTIVITY 1 OF 6” indicates how many content pieces is provided under a particular topic description. These pieces aligns to lessons presented by a teacher in the classroom.

What are tendoberries and what are they for?

Tendoberries represents the tool’s program currency or points which a user earns for completing activities. Tendoberries can be used to redeem against prizes & rewards that are available to qualifying users.

What content do I have access to in MYFUTURE?

MYFUTURE focusses on providing content that will build onto knowledge and skills that has application after leaving school.

Where do I access my CAPS aligned revision content?

Select the “LEARN & EARN” tab to access your daily free revision content.

Which rewards and prizes can I earn with my tendoberries?

Various rewards & prizes can be earned which is depended on the amount of tendoberries you’ve earned. The more tendoberries you earn the more rewards & prizes become available to you. To earn an extra entry to win a car you require 500 tendoberries.